A Day In The Life with Helen Lynn

Tune in this Friday, October 14th for our second Snapchat Takeover by Helen Lynn, a U3 Chemical Engineering major serving as the current president of POWE McGill:

“Hi everyone! My name is Helen and I’m from Calgary, AB (Westcoast!!!). My life currently consists of pretending to know how to code, showing up embarrassingly late to classes (who else has senioritis?) and, most importantly, being the president of a group called POWE! POWE stands for “Promoting Opportunities for Women in Engineering,” and we are one of the biggest and longest standing groups under the EUS. This Friday, I will be taking over MWIL’s Snapchat to take you through a typical day in my life. Tune in to visit the plasma lab with me for my plasma engineering class (at 8:30am, bright and early), then help me cheer on POWE’s soccer team for our first EUS sports game! Later on, join POWE for our “How to Linked-in” event co-hosted with the the Engineering Career Center, concluded by a fun night out at Blues Pub (where engineers go on Fridays to drown out their midterm sorrows). See you tomorrow!”

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Day in the Life with Jill Laurin

McGill Women in Leadership Students’ Association is excited to present to you our FIRST ever “Day in the Life” Snapchat takeover on Wednesday October 5th by Jill Laurin, a U3 Anatomy and Cell Biology major turned president of Macss McGill:

“Hi there, I’m Jill and I’m entering the final saga of Jill vs. McGill as this is (hopefully) my fourth and final year of undergrad. This Wednesday, I will betaking over MWIL’s Snapchat, where you can ride with me through the journey of more success (promise that will be my only DJ Khaled reference). Vicariously experience the 7th annual Anatomy & Cell Biology Undergraduate Lab Recruitment Luncheon (or just attend, there’s free food) where I will be presenting my experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) as an undergraduate researcher. If that doesn’t get you whipping out your smartphones, join me later at a meeting filled with MDs and PhDs where we will be discussing the implementation of a mental health service for the anatomy student body. Finally, get to know the rest of my council/family during our weekly MACSS meeting! See you Wednesday!”

Add MWIL on Snapchat via our username: mcgillwil, or by taking a snap of this picture!