GRACEYANGGrace Yang is the producer and curator of TEDxMontrealWomen. Over the last couple of years, she also produced and curated the first two TEDxYouth@Montreal events ever to be held in Montreal. Her work in the non-profit arena stems from a desire to bring together people that have important messages to impart, and those that are searching for deeper meaning and fuller understanding of how they can enrich the lives of people around them. Grace is also a founding member of Half the Sky Quebec, a network dedicated to raising awareness and encouraging action through partnership with like-minded individuals, organizations, and lawmakers to facilitate the required systemic change to end violence against women.

Grace spent 14 years in finance and has broad investment experience across numerous industries. She was previously an equity analyst at a major Canadian investment bank, and a portfolio manager at one of Canada’s largest pension funds.

Grace is a Chartered Financial Analyst, holds an MBA (major in Finance) from Ivey Business School and a Bachelor of Mathematics (major in Computer Science) from the University of Waterloo.

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