Dr. Kelly Martin works as an emergency room doctor at The Montreal Children’s Hospital and is currently involved in resident and medical student training. Previous to this, she worked with Doctors Without Borders, after finishing her specialty training, as the Medical Co-ordinator in Djibouti/Somalia and in Georgia (Former USSR).

Dr. Martin has also been involved in a number of environmental initiatives including the Review of the Evidence of the Effects of Pesticides on Children’s Health (Published by the Canadian College of Family Physicians) and subsequent work to have pesticides banned in public spaces. She also sat as the Medical Advisor on the Pesticide Management Review Agency at the Federal Level. Although she now works as an emergency room doctor, Dr. Martin continues to be involved in local and global environmental issues.

Despite the fact that Dr. Martin’s professional work is very clinically based, she is very motivated to make medical and scientific knowledge accessible not only to physicians and trainees, but also to the general population, in order for them to make more socially and environmentally responsible decisions.

Dr. Kelly Martin trained to become an emergentologist at the University of Toronto and the University of Ottawa. She received her Master Of Science in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from McGill University.

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