About MWIL


McGill Women in Leadership Students’ Association is a SSMU affiliated and student-run organization at McGill University. At MWIL we are dedicated to providing students with the information and support network necessary to tap into their full potential not only as professionals, but as students and young people. We strive to inspire students by welcoming women from a variety of career fields to share their stories and accomplishments; connect members with extensive opportunities to learn; and ultimately empower them to be critically engaged global leaders.

We firmly believe in inclusivity and invite all students to join!



We hold a diverse range of events throughout the year in an attempt to connect as many different industries as possible. Some staples include our speaker series dedicated to spotlighting successful women from various professional industries, as well as our annual Trailblazers’ Testimonies Conference, which features keynote speeches from executive speakers and networking opportunities for attendees. We also organize workshops and round-table discussions called MWIL Talks on topics regarding female empowerment and feminism in the hopes of offering students the ability to develop essential skills, gain confidence, and prepare for the world beyond university as mindful citizens.


MWIL is dedicated to female empowerment across demographics. We are passionate about developing meaningful relationships with local charities and organizations through volunteer positions and financial support.

Current Partners:

Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal / Foyer pour Femmes Autochtones de Montréal