McGill Woman of the Week

Zainab is a U3 student born in Sri Lanka. She immigrated to Canada when she was 5 and has been living in Montreal ever since. She’s currently doing an undergrad in the Faculty of Education, studying Secondary English with a second teachable in History. In her second year, she joined the Social Equity and Diversity Education Office (SEDE) as a project coordinator for the Homework Zone mentorship program. The program aims to bring McGill volunteer mentors to elementary schools in under-represented areas in Montreal to work 1-on-1 with students, encouraging academic growth alongside socio-emotional development. Over the course of this year and a half, she has organized weekly volunteer sessions in three schools in the Lester B. Pearson School Board. Early this semester, Zainab also led a project at the Afghan Women’s Centre for SEDE’s annual Community Engagement Day and she is now an Internship & Student Affairs Ambassador for the Faculty of Education.
When asked what leadership meant to her, Zainab responded:
“Leadership is largely about awareness: it’s about being aware of yourself, the power dynamics involved with those who work alongside you, their limitations and expectations, and the collective vision you’re all working towards. It’s not about being the tip of the spear in any project or action, it’s about helping that spear gain momentum, facilitating the movement and respecting those who work with you by supporting them and representing them.”If you haven’t yet, let us know if there is a woman in your life that deserves to be recognized at McGill! Each week MWIL strives to shine the spotlight on an inspiring lady who embodies all the values that MWIL is dedicated to promoting among young women. We believe that their interpretations of leadership and role-model behaviour are empowering examples of the talent, confidence, and sheer determination, of which every woman is capable. Please complete this form if you would like to nominate someone for MWIL’s Woman of the Week!

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