A Day in the Life with Amanda Hills

Our “Day in the Life” Snapchat Takeover series is BACK! On Tuesday October 17th, Amanda Hills, a U3 Honours Political Science student and current president of McGill Political Science Students Association – PSSA, will be taking over the MWIL Snapchat!

“Hi everyone! I’m Amanda, and I’m a U3 Honours Political Science student with a minor in Philosophy. I’m originally from Boston (hi Mom and Dad!), which means we probably shouldn’t discuss hockey. When I applied for the PSSA’s VP Events Portfolio in my second year, everything changed for me here at McGill. I found myself surrounded by the most passionate, driven, intelligent women I’d ever met, and I knew this was where I wanted to be. Since then, I’ve been involved with lots of things on campus, including the Pre-Law Review, Women in International Security (WIIS), and the Events Planning and Involvement Committee (EPIC). Some of the things I’ve been most passionate about have been my work with Frosh (shoutout to my frosh fam) and my role as a workshop developer for the Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support, and Education (O-SVRSE). But, let’s be honest, the PSSA forever has my heart (and all of my free time). We are a dedicated, fearless, and supportive community, and there’s really no other department that could make feel this much at home. Come follow me around on Snapchat for a day to see how many times I go to Snax (hint: likely close to five), how many layers it takes to avoid frost bite in the arctic tundra that is the PSSA office, and get a glimpse at our campus through my eyes — extensive commentary guaranteed. See you there!”

Make sure to add MWIL on Snapchat (via our username: mcgillwil)!

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