Woman of the Week – Lauren Soave

Introducing this week’s Woman of the Week, Lauren Soave!

When asked what leadership means to her, she says:

“Leadership is the ability to pass on the passion that you have for something in order to drive others to attain a goal. I think without passion it’s really hard to be influential to others. You have to want something bad enough to want others to want it to. Looking at the world today and our leaders, I see that lack in passion. Leading others should not be motivated by obligation or money, but it should be motivated by wanting to make something good happen in this world.”

Lauren is a U1 student from Waterdown, Ontario, in the faculty of Management with a double concentration in Finance and International Business. In her first year, she was involved in DECA McGill and MUS Case League. This year, she became involved with CASCO (The Commerce Association Student Charitable Organization) McGill on the sponsorship team. She also took on the role of Director of Logistics for an organization called Empower McGill who help students embrace disabilities within business. She currently competes in Intramural Volleyball and Soccer and is currently waiting on a final approval for her nomination to go on exchange in Germany next semester

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