Woman of the Week – Stacie Liang

Introducing this week’s Woman of the Week, Stacie Liang!

When asked what leadership means to her, she says:

‘Leadership means responsibility to me. Yes, being the leader gives me more authority, but with authority, comes greater responsibility and accountability. I once read an article that compared a leader to a shepherd, which I agree to a great extent. So, a shepherd can’t say ‘oh well, I lost the sheep, but it’s not my fault’. No, it doesn’t matter if the sheep wander, you, as the leader, are responsible for unforeseen issues, and you are the one who has to remain calm and solve the issue instead of pointing fingers. Moreover, just like a shepherd protects the sheep from diseases and possible dangers, a leader also takes care of his/her members, both professionally and psychologically. A leader is there to guide the members in the dealings, to listen to their opinions, and also to support them emotionally at the time of difficulty.”

Stacie is a U4 from Xi’an, China studying Mechanical Engineering! She is currently serving as the Student President of McGill Institute for Aerospace Engineering, leading a council of 8 students. They just had their biggest event of the year – Annual Industry Dinner, where 40 industrial professionals were invited to network and have dinner with 40 student at McGill. Her involvements at McGill also include being a mechanical designer at McGill Robotics, working on the Mars Rover. She was previously the VP Education of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and a mentor for kids at a local elementary school with Homework Zone.

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