Woman of the Week – Harshita Iyer

Introducing this week’s Woman of the Week, Harshita Iyer!

When asked what leadership means to her, she says:

“Leadership is the recognition of an objective bigger than yourself— and the recognition of the people, resources, and fortune that led you to that position. Successful leadership is less about control and authority, and more about support and guidance. As a leader, your job is to use the visibility of your position to elevate and prioritize the voices and narratives that go unheard. It is an equal amount stepping back as it is stepping up.”

Harshita is a U2, majoring in Economics with a double minor in Communications and Eastern Religion. She is involved with the Outreach branch at SACOMSS, where they facilitate workshops at Montreal schools about consent and the interconnections with different forms of oppression. She helps the centre with event planning and coordination for some of their bigger annual events. She is also on the McGill Moot Court team, has led Rez Project workshops to first year students and likes to do art whenever she can. She would love to eventually work in law.

PC: Chloe Lim

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