Woman of the Week – Kate Deveau

Introducing this week’s Woman of the Week, Kate Deveau!

When asked what leadership means to her, she says:

“Leadership is about caring. Leaders who care deeply about something can inspire that same sense of care in like-minded others. Successful change is rooted in assembling an inspired team that has the ability to execute on ideas, but none of this can be accomplished without first agreeing on a mutual matter to care about. Beyond care, it is also about identifying a clear direction, instilling confidence, and having an unwavering conviction to achieve the goals of the team. Without care, leadership is soulless. Without action, care is for naught.”

Kate is a 2L in the Faculty of Law, on her way to receiving a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Civil Law (B.C.L/LL.B.). She received her Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership from the University of New Brunswick where she was recognized as a Sir Howard Douglas Scholar. This program provided opportunities for her to intern with the Child and Youth Advocate’s Office in Fredericton and the Graham Boeckh Foundation in Montreal as well as a three-month human rights volunteer placement in Malawi, Africa. At law school, Kate is currently the Director of Outreach for DALA (Droit Autrement /Legal Alternative), a faculty club that highlights unconventional legal careers in the evolving world of the legal profession.

PC: Chloe Lim

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