Outreach Opportunity

McGill Women in Leadership is starting a monthly group-volunteer program in partnership with the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal (NWSM). The NWSM works within an Aboriginal framework to provide Aboriginal women and children a safe and supportive environment. They are seeking volunteers to support their staff in areas such as cleaning, cooking, and child-care. The MWIL-NWSM group will be selecting 4-5 committed individuals interested in this opportunity to volunteer at the shelter together at least once a month. Due to the sensitive nature of the shelter’s mandate, the location will be kept anonymous until the selected individuals have undergone orientation.

Application Forms must be submitted by October 10th 2015. Short-listed candidates will be contacted by October 13th. Orientation time TBD.

Link to Application Form: https://docs.google.com/…/1e7PKHxjaUmO1bafhSqkVWS-…/viewform

*Note* You are always welcome to volunteer independently through the NWSM website: http://www.nwsm.info/welcome-en.html. This opportunity is designed to launch a group-volunteering experience consolidated through MWIL that would start mid-late October.

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