Yoga Session in Partnership with Artistri Sud


We are pleased to announce our official partnership with Artistri Sud, a not-for-profit local organization dedicated to supporting female empowerment all around the world. Artistri Sud is particularly interested in empowering women artisans and farmers using a grassroots approach. In partnership with these women, they evaluate their existing businesses and develop ways to help them generate increased revenues and improve their standard of living. In short, they help some of the poorest and most marginalized women in the world work themselves out of poverty.

MWIL is incredibly excited about the future of this partnership and to celebrate this, we are launching our first outreach fundraising event of the year in the form of a group yoga class! Come join us for an hour of relaxation in Room B213 at McGill Gym and relieve yourself from the stresses of midterm season! The cost is only $5 for non-members, and $3 for members with all the proceeds going to Artistri Sud. Feel free to donate more! It all goes to a great cause!

To RSVP, click here!
P.S. Bring your own mat if you can!

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