A Day in the Life with Tofunmi Odugbemi

Tofunmi Odugbemi is a U3 Honours Political Science student with a Minor in African Studies. Tofunmi will be taking over MWIL’s Snapchat this THURSDAY OCTOBER 20TH (a.k.a. TOMORROW!!!) in her role as the president of the McGill Political Science Students Association – PSSA:

“Hey y’all! My name is Tofunmi and I’m currently in my last year at McGill. I was born in Nigeria, lived in South Africa and Lesotho before finally immigrating to Canadian Prairies. My life, at present, consists of the occasional meltdown over my honours thesis and night terrors about law school applications. The Political Science Students’ Association (PSSA) represents all students enrolled in major, minor, honours, and joint-honours undergraduate degrees in the department of Political Science at McGill University. We hold both academic and social events throughout the year and have numerous events coming in the next couple of months. This Thursday, I will be taking over MWIL’s Snapchat and you can experience a day in my shoes! I’ll walk you through what it’s like to have four classes in one day, how to survive office hours in the coldest office in Leacock (prepare for an inane amount of Snapchat facial filters), and how awesome Bar des Arts is––especially when they showcase the incredible Department of Political Science/PSSA. Come watch me be my spirited and talkative self (brush up on pop-culture because that is my vernacular) and I’ll see you on Thursday!”

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Woman of the Week – Erin Rose

Introducing this week’s Woman of the Week, Erin Rose!

When asked what leadership means to her, she says:

“I believe leadership is the ability to inspire others. I saw great leadership this past summer, through my boss this summer at the investment firm I worked at. She was 35 – one of the youngest people at the firm. Though she was young, she was one of the greatest leaders I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She did not just guide me but also helped me realize my strengths, weaknesses and pushed me towards achieving my goals.”

Erin is a U1 student, double majoring in History and English. She is currently the VP Fundraising for McGill’s SynesthASIA. She’s worked with clubs on campus and off to organize some excellent fundraisers. She is very passionate about learning and education, as well as animals. She hopes to one day volunteer for one of Montreal’s animal shelters.

PC: Chloe Lim


A Day In The Life with Helen Lynn

Tune in this Friday, October 14th for our second Snapchat Takeover by Helen Lynn, a U3 Chemical Engineering major serving as the current president of POWE McGill:

“Hi everyone! My name is Helen and I’m from Calgary, AB (Westcoast!!!). My life currently consists of pretending to know how to code, showing up embarrassingly late to classes (who else has senioritis?) and, most importantly, being the president of a group called POWE! POWE stands for “Promoting Opportunities for Women in Engineering,” and we are one of the biggest and longest standing groups under the EUS. This Friday, I will be taking over MWIL’s Snapchat to take you through a typical day in my life. Tune in to visit the plasma lab with me for my plasma engineering class (at 8:30am, bright and early), then help me cheer on POWE’s soccer team for our first EUS sports game! Later on, join POWE for our “How to Linked-in” event co-hosted with the the Engineering Career Center, concluded by a fun night out at Blues Pub (where engineers go on Fridays to drown out their midterm sorrows). See you tomorrow!”

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How to Beat the Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever walked into a classroom or office and felt completely out of place? A little voice in your head says, “everyone else here is so smart, sooner or later they’re all going to realize that I don’t belong. Sooner or later they’ll realize I’m a fake.” This reaction is known as the Imposter Syndrome, which typically affects high-achieving individuals (particularly women) that are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments due to a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

McGill Women in Leadership Students’ Association is proud to present to you a workshop on “How to Beat the Imposter Syndrome,” led by Cassandra Steer. This workshop will aim to study the effects of the Imposter Syndrome so that by the end, we begin to cultivate a new, more empowering voice in our heads that better embraces who we are.

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MWIL presents ~ Cheap Thrills ~

Do you want to unwind during midterms? Come support McGill Women in Leadership’s first fundraiser with your friends!

Ladies open bar until midnight so make sure to arrive at 10pm to enjoy this deal to the fullest!

Tickets are only $10, and can be purchased via Tilt:

Tilt Ambassador Code: MGSERISHA

Tickets can be picked up after payment/purchased in cash on Monday October 17th in the Bronfman Building Lobby from 11am to 4pm.


VP Fundraising – Isabelle Perron at (514)-949-9046 to pick up/purchase tickets.

If you’re a shot person, there is a 5 for $15 deal that you don’t want to miss!



Woman of the Week – Sydney Vermeer

Introducing this week’s Woman of the Week, Sydney Vermeer!

When asked what leadership means to her, she says:

“Leadership is the ability to understand and utilize not only your own talents, but the skills and strengths within others to accomplish a unified goal. It means selflessness, willingness and integrity – putting your own interests aside and bringing together people from different backgrounds and different skill sets in a positive and productive way.”

Sydney is a U1 student, from Grimsby Ontario, studying Anthropology and Art History. She is currently a member of the McGill Visual Arts Society and a volunteer for the International Buddy Program. She actively participates in Beyond Me and the iCreate Club, which reaches out to communities outside of McGill.

PC: Chloe Lim